Yachts And boats Yachts And boats Fairline 37 66174816 66174817 Buffer trails This was before we started , it was machined by the boat yard who left severe buffer marks. 66174819 After picture This shows the finish we can achieve on boats also. 66174818 MitseaAH This yacht was a new build and had just come out of dry dock, it sustained overspray damage from a large vessel having a respray. We successfully removed the damage and sealed the paintwork. 66897482 66898014 Enterprise This again had overspray from the vessel docked alongside it. 66898028 133489920 133489921 Working in the Indian ocean Reflection on Tony next to a polished hull on a 70 metre Superyacht. 66898385 133489922 Training This company contacted to us from Barcelona, we headed over for 4 days intensive paint correction training. 133489923