Detailing Network Partners

Detailing network is a new venture starting January 2009. Tony Spears is now offering training courses to existing valeting and detailing companies to create a network of skilled detailing technicians around the UK. If you are considering having your car detailed by a recognised detailing company then please give us a call , we can direct and recommend a professional detailer in your area, that has attended and completed our detailng course.

Approved Autoshine specialist valeting Detailers

Antonio Barrow - Southampton 

Andy Bowers - Eastbourne

David Young - Newcastle

Richard Owen - Nottingham

Harnam Singh - Birmingham

Steve Lynn - Newcastle

Scott Brown - Leicestershire

Andrew Lister - Knaresborough

Tony Webb - Croydon

David Willis  Hargreaves - Oxfordshire

John O' Conner - Essex

John Brady - Warwickshire

Mike Keogh - Cheshire

Paul Waite - Lincolnshire

Simon Robinson - Manchester 

Sean Russell - Plymouth

Martin Story - Lowerstoft

Gary - West Yorkshire

Daniel Flesher - Barnsley

Wesley Dearing - Ascot

Matt Netherwood - Brighouse

Abul Khoyer - London

Mark Hayman - Chorley

Andy and Richard Winwood - Dudley

Martin Alsopp - Harrogate

Gideon King - Qatar Middle East

Milan - Reading

Paul Evans - Newcastle

Mark Amond - Dudley

Alex Busfield - Shipley

Roger Freeman - Milton Keynes

Mark Gonsalves - Central London

Adam Ford - Birmingham

Hassan Malik  - Bradford

Orlando Fernandez - Surrey

Gasch Navarro - Barcelona

Mike         - DerbyShire

Stuart Harvey - Warickshire

Simon Thornley - Staffordshire

MattFinishUK - West Yorkshire

Majid Ali - Glassgow

Maurice Gruppetta - Malta

Gary Chambers  - Doncaster

Ryan Evans - Guernsey 

James Kuck -N. Ireland

Leeroy Ali - Essex 

Mick Thornton - North Wales


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