Paint Correction

Common causes of sustaining swirl marks, holograms, marring and fine scratches are mainly down to how you look after your car. Simply washing your car can cause swirl marks especially on dark coloured paintwork, also paintshops can leave bad swirls and marring when machine polishing incorrectly.Tony Spears from Autoshine has been machine polishing cars and boats for over 20 years, his professional experience has given him the ability to correct any form of paintwork back to its original finish without damaging. Tony is the longest approved Swissvax detailer in the UK , he has trained many valeters and detailers to machine polish in a safe and correct manner.

Severe Swirl Marks and Paint Defects








 50/50 Shots  

Aston Martin wing


Porsche  Rear Bumper


Mercedes N/S Wing



Yacht Hull


  Severe car wash brush damage



 Tailgate on 993 Porsche


Light clusters can also be restored to their original finish







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